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شرکت دانش بنیان تولیدی سورنا صنعت خاوران پس از سال ها تجربه در سال 83 شروع به کار کرد. این شرکت با بهره گیری از انواع متخصصین در حوزه های مختلف و با استفاده از دانش فنی بدست آمده به تولید و ثبت اختراع انواع دستگاه ها با گرایش عصب روانشناسانه گامی در جهت تعالی انسان و اقتصاد بردارد.

Evaluating the impact of advertising with neuromarketing tools

In a general classification, neuromarketing and its scientific and precise tools are applied in many fields. such as: advertising

By combining the results of electroencephalography and deep analysis of interviews with audience, it is possible to study on television, environmental, Internet advertising and …

It has done for many large companies such as Honda, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Toyota and …

Today, there is a lot of research on how to make ads and in order to maximize impact. For example, based on researches, marketing researchers have concluded that the effectiveness of emotional advertising is more than logical advertising and emotional advertising in compare to logical advertising attract more consumers to shopping. Although it is worthwhile to consider emotional, logical, moral, and legal aspects of advertising in order to be more successful and effective. In another study, it’s said that in advertising, images are much more influential than words. But today, technology development has made it possible to make advertising which will have the greatest impact on consumers. Neuromarketing by decoding the decision making process and by changing messages in advertising can be more attractive to the brain and It will motivate you to buy a brand or other product.

Case Study: Measuring the Impact of TV Programs and Ads on People’s Brain

Peter Milachak and Jiri Hearin are two young researchers from the Czech Republic. Jiri Hearian first was flight engineering But he became interested in business and started his marketing world. Milacek also obtained his degree in Mechatronics, a combination of two fields of mechanics and electronics, from the Czech Technical University and he works as media analyzer, media researcher, specialist in business intelligence and consumer behavior. They used the FMRI to study the effects of programs and TV commercials on the audience. Results have shown that even very good strategic ideas will be lost if poorly implemented. The link between the idea and the consumer is just a 30-second ad, and it shows the importance of the structure and quality of the message. Nowadays, many companies spend huge amounts of money for advertising without any goal, without considering decision-making organization in humans, that is, the brain. Neuromarketing tools such as FMRI or EEG help us to make effective messages.

The results of recent research show that different sections of the advertisement activate different parts of the human’s brain. In this study, the participants have watched four videos. Each of these videos were example of a particular television program, including documentaries, movies, races, and music. These videos were played in a mirror embedded inside the FMRI. The result of the analysis of brain’s images was astounding.

Competitions had a strong impact on areas associated with linguistic and cognitive functions, that was not far from the mind. But a news created both emotional and logical responses. According to researchers, the strong emotional impact is because of that audiences are heavily involved with actors. Today, advertising also emphasizes the narrative of real adventures.